Mogoba Projects – Springs Daveyton

The projects we run in Mogoba, a rural area (just outside of Springs, Daveyton) that has no running water or access to electricity.

Ladies knitting. They make table cloths etc from using this wooded fixture.

Ladies making table cloths

Making beds and other furniture

Making the covers

The frame of a bedA completed bed, manufactured by the community

They have a piece of land that the council gave to them but have to work in the open. Am working on trying to get them some form of building i.e. a Zozo Hut or even a brick building.  They built a small outdoor toilet for them to use.

The furniture maker uses a generator to make his items. I am trying to obtain another generator for him to expand his business and teach others to make a living.

You need to really see these people to understand and get this unbelievable feeling. They are doing so much with so little and do not let their circumstances get them down.They teach others who want to learn and who want to try and better themselves.

Soup and food kitchen and the crèche.

We are running this twice a week and we are feeding about 200 children from this area. We give them soup and bread to eat there and then they bring back their dishes and we fill this with rice for them to take home and have something to eat later that night.

The ladies who run this for me have to do all the cooking on an open coal fire as they have no electricity. The Crèche has very little in it i.e. it is a tin shack that has carpets on the floor. They are lacking blankets, warm cloths and teaching items.

We are hoping to keep the soup kitchen going in summer and the kids can come after school and get sandwiches and fruit but it will depend on the funding we receive.

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