New Developements


Bathabile has decided to set up an ambassador program called  

Bathabile Young Charity Ambassador program

  • This is to encourage and have Young children involved
  • Raise awareness

 The criteria for the Young Ambassadors

  1. The ambassordars must be humble
  2. Have a committed attitude
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Must be compassionate
  5. Take great pride in representing our charity and their sponsors


The Ambassadors will agree to:

  • Promote the charity, the sponsors and their projects at school
  • Assist in any charity  or wareness drives that Bathabile holds where it does not impact on the childs educatuion
  • Will educate their fellow pupils about the hardships experienced by the poor, disadvantage people of South Africa
  • Will choose 2 projects a year to fund raise (this will be left to imagination for acceptance of the project the ambassador will to submit an A4 concept sheet. E.G of project – chocolate drive, hotdog days, raffles, etc.)
  • The ambassadors must spend 5 hours a month assisting the charity and a log sheet must be kept.


Bathabile’s committment to the Ambassador

  • Provide a deep understanding of children’s experience of deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability of our disadvantage communities
  • Provide guidance and assistance on the projects chosen


“Young people are the leaders of tommorow”

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